Speckled Dog Pottery Sales Gallery

Speckled Dog pots are all made of a high-fired porcelain based clay that are thrown on the potter’s wheel, carved, and bisque fired. Once fired, glazes are layered onto each piece with a spray gun and fired again. Layering the glazes with air allows for variations in color. These handcrafted pots are perfect for daily use. Please enjoy.

Please Note:  Each of the items for sale here are one-of-a-kind and once sold, will no longer be available.  

Oval Tray in Turquoise

Oval trays soften the look of your table.  This tray is the perfect size measuring 15 inches by 6 inches


Berry Bowl in Green

Keep your small fruits and vegetables ready to use.  


Berry Bowl in Blue

This berry bowl keeps your small fruits and vegetables ready for use.